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Anton Horowitz

Associate Producer, Web Builder, IT

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At the age of 15, Anton started his first company called KidzArtzIt. This company archived childrens' artwork ages 1-15 for those busy families who wanted a professional system to capture and store their childrens' artwork. As of 2019, he started another company called, Anton Horowitz Computer Technician. This company was started to help the older generation who have limited technical skills and provides professional computer help for software related issues on pc and mac.


Over his high school junior summer, Horowitz went to three Native American powwows with his father where he saw the amazing spirit of the Native American community.

Gifted by the experience, Anton felt an overwhelming excitement to be a part of a project where Native American and Indigenous wisdom is heard globally.


Anton graduated from Whitefish High School with honors and is now enrolled at Pepperdine University for Business Administration.

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