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Dave Fern



Dave Fern lives in Whitefish, Montana and serves in the Montana Legislature. He was instrumental in bringing the 2019 Film Tax Credit to Montana and supports the benefits it will bring to the state.Whitefish could not ask for a better person to represent our community than Dave Fern. He is one of the hardest working individuals you will ever meet. You can speak to Dave on any number of topics and it's clear he has done his homework. He responds with thoughtful and nuanced insights that explain the critical issues facing our state, not empty and divisive rhetoric. He understands the imperfections and limitations of government as well as the value of its mechanisms to improve our quality of life.These traits enable Dave to deliver good ideas, great policy, and outstanding solutions.


Fern works with Republicans on property tax relief and has shown that he will put the needs of our community above party politics. He sees the value in building relationships and working across the aisle to get things done. His priorities are those of our community, including affordable healthcare, housing, education, jobs, and protecting our lakes and rivers from aquatic invasive species. Dave Fern is pragmatic, no-nonsense and as hard working as they come.

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