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Larry “Stoney” Stone did not grow up in a traditional little boy’s environment. Unlike his healthy siblings, his life began as an extraordinary journey of challenges right from the beginning. The moment-to-moment challenges of walking with specialized crutches and carrying out the tasks of living, which most people take for granted, have shaped his steadfast determination and commitment to live as actively and passionately as possible, every single day. During his life journey and despite his physical challenges, Stoney has chosen many paths of experience including being a Published author, commercial and movie stunt coordinator, international key-note speaker and rock band singer on the road for over 20 years, to name just a few. Overcoming all the odds of his significant physical challenges, he studied martial arts to become a martial arts Grand Master attaining Black Belts in four different Systems. He has mentored and produced twenty one black belts, four Florida State Karate Champions, three Southeast karate Champions, a No.7 Super Heavyweight World Karate Kick boxer and a No. 1 amateur World Karate Kick boxer. He has also inspired one of the world’s foremost martial artists Grand Master, Tuhon Ray Dionaldo, founder of FCSKali.

Stoney’s training continues to be harnessed today through training others in Personal and professional development, Security Specialist training with tactical weapons and firearm training. He’s also sought out as an Executive Protection Consultant, for Executive transport, risk analysis, Strategic insight, Conflict Resolution and asset acquisition. Stoney’s love of traditional martial arts inspired him to start Ishi-do Martial Arts 30 years ago. It has been his deep passion ever since to establish an arena that promotes the foundational principles of life, and also creates a safe place for kids to learn and grow into confident young adults. Stoney was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2000 for his loyalty and dedication to making a difference in other people’s lives. Many of Stoney’s friends and students think of him as a real-life incarnation of Star War’s Master “Yoda” Even today after battling his physical limitations and being a Cancer survivor, these challenges in his life have only served as a catalyst to the mastery of the mental and spiritual powers that lie at the center of the martial arts. If you think that martial arts are about nothing more than physical combat, then you need to listen to this man speak. You will leave with the assurance that you are closer to “THE TRUE NATURE OF THE FORCE”.

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