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Sanford Horowitz



Sandy Horowitz is a renowned movie producer and real estate developer. Horowitz's producing credits include dramas: Woman in the Rain, Barbara Luna, Club Life, staring Tony Curtis. Science fiction and horror motion pictures: The Clones, Twisted Nightmares, Demon Wind. The documentary: The Carradines Tonight. And finally, the epic fantasy: Merlin.

Early in his career, Horowitz teamed up with famed producer/director Paul Hunt, who had also worked with Orson Welles on his last feature film: The Other Side of the Wind. Together, Horowitz and Paul Hunt formed two film production/distribution companies, Filmmakers International Releasing and, United Filmmakers International.

The rarest of opportunities came their way when Gary Graver, their cinematographer was asked to work with Orson Welles on what would become Orson's last feature film, The Other Side of the Wind. This opened the door for Paul and Sandy to work with Orson on an ongoing basis until Orson's death in 1985.


The partnership of Paul and Sandy later secured legendary producer and studio executive, Max Youngstein to serve as head of distribution. Max entered the doors of Filmmakers as the Producers Rep for David Carridine and his three indie films. By the time he completed his representation with Carridine, Youngstein came on board with Sandy at his side. Youngstein had been with 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, and was a founding member of United Artists in the early days of Hollywood. His vast experience brought a wealth of knowledge and success to the partnership and taught Sandy well.

Currently, Sandy is working on the launching of his new production distribution company, Two Horses Laughing. Horowitz just completed a self-help book for seniors entitled, Life at 70: Pedal to the Metal based on his spiritual beliefs that he hopes will benefit seniors worldwide. Projected in the summer of 2020, Horowitz will be going on a lecture tour promoting his book and his proactive message encouraging seniors to stay active and involved.

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