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Two Horses Laughing is partnering with International Chrysalis Art and Education to bring a transformational Docu-series about culture in five different areas of the world. Because of the scale of this project, professionals will be needed to ensure viability of such an important and delicate topic. On our team will be Native American Director Chris Eyre who will be directing each episode in each country so that the project can have one cohesive vision across all locations. Also each episode will be in the range of 1 hour to 2 hours depending on the budget. The budget for each country will depend mainly on fundraising efforts by the country and the ability to gather a professional crew within each territory. Next, each country will have credible scholars working with the countries in house production crew and with our Native Director Chris Eyre to portray each nations unique culture correctly. Another person who will help this project succeed is Native American Narrator Wes Studi who has agreed to do the narration for the shows in each country. With his help, the docuseries will be able to ensure the authenticity of every word spoken and will serve to exceed expectations of voice quality and content throughout these projects. To bring it together, Chris Eyre and Wes Studi will add their cultures creativity and compassion to their interactions with each countries independent crew in the five different locations of Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, India, and finally America. Each project is listed below and its details. Updates will be listed for each project below as of September 1, 2022 and at later dates. Our estimated budget is $1 million dollars per country per episode but is subject to change if circumstances change. We are expecting substantial financial contribution from each country. Each country will be offered the licensing rights to their episode and with this a final product in film that will serve as a powerful display of their valued culture.

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