Project 1 - Embracing the Spiritual Nations - Documentary


 Two Horses Laughing Productions announces an exciting project, “Embracing the Spiritual Nations”. It is a “first ever” event that will introduce seven indigenous spiritual leaders from seven American Indian tribes in North America and bring them to Israel. There they will visit the most holy and spiritual sites in the country that many believe to be the center of spiritual energy on the planet. We will be introducing our Native spiritual leaders to representatives from all the other established religions.  In the City of Jerusalem, they visit the most important holy sites along with Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, and Muslim mosques. We will film first ever discussions of unity based on shared spiritual wisdom. It is an unparalleled gathering to find mutual ideology that embraces all of humanity. This will be an event to demonstrate a real denominator that will allow a collective and consensus voice to help bring all of humanity together.

Aside from the powerful religious locations in Jerusalem, we will travel to other holy sites within the country of Israel. We will also include burial places of highly noted spiritual prophets.

On return from Israel we will continue back to a gathering location in North America where there will be continued discussions among the 7 tribal leaders. They will speak of their journey and offer how this experience can help their people with a renewed understanding. The potential for a more global consciousness on a spiritual level produced by this event will be enormous.It has the possibility to unify a common voice among many nations. It is difficult to determine the powers of this project, but we do know the results will produce an incredibly positive long-term result.Perhaps this can extend to be a yearly event.

Project 2 - Torn From the Heart - Theatrical play

- playwright  Lavonne Mueller

“Torn from the Heart” is a Theatrical Play by famed playwright of women’s abuse issues, Lavonne Mueller who took on the (under the radar) topic of young Native American women being kidnapped and sold into the global sex trade. Now living in Montana, Mueller brings awakening to the stage of this heinous abuse of tearing away these young native girls from their families. Being in remote areas of the Indian reservations where little law enforcement is present, it is easy for drive by vans to capture victims on rural roads leaving them powerless. Mueller has done excessive research and every word she has written is from the heart of a mother and shows the horror of having your daughter taken in such an egregious way.  “This must end” Mueller said.

Project 3 - The Ribbon of Sorrow - Documentary

“The Ribbon of Sorrow” is a contemporary story of a young native, Marita Growing Thunder. a senior at Polson High School, Marita Growing Thunder hand-sewed a colorful ribbon dress every single day of the term as part of a yearlong project dedicated to raising awareness for missing and murdered Indigenous women. She dedicated each dress — about 180 in all — to an individual missing or murdered Indigenous woman (MMIW), a feat she said is dwarfed by the knowledge that tens of thousands of women remain unaccounted for and don’t have a dress. Today, Growing Thunder is a freshman at the University of Montana, and she does not have time to make a dress a day. So, for the second year in a row she is walking 80 miles across the Flathead Indian Reservation, from the northern edge near Rollins south to Arlee, to educate the public about the social injustices surrounding cases of MMIW. Her story was so compelling that it received national attention with an article published in the N.Y. Times.

Project 4 - Life Itself - Documentary -

Directed by Solar Banner

Life Itself” takes on “why” the human being was created in not only the image of God but also why life itself is worth living.  The answer we find lies with our children. And there are no better voices to explain this deep and profound understanding than native indigenous people. Solar Banner, a native of Hopi/Tewa lineage and a seasoned professional filmmaker takes on this beautiful cinematic story. A mother of two herself, she sets out to interview tribal mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles to hear from their words about the value of their children. Their message will touch all our hearts.

Project 5 - The Real Red Road - Feature Film

“The Real Red Road” is a story of what appears to be not one but three fish out of water characters determined to save a young beautiful native American girl who was stolen from the Browning Indian Reservation in northern Montana. Her unwavering strong-minded 12-year-old brother decides to go after the culprits on his own but is intercepted by his 80-year-old grandfather who sees he has no other choice but to join his grandson. The wise old grandfather decides to engage the help of his friend, an ex-marine who he thought would be needed in such a covert operation. The young boy could hardly hold back his excitement with coming face to face with this real combat hero.  As they opened the war hero’s door, we see he is sitting in his wheelchair missing both his legs and part of his left arm. And the adventure begins as we see Grandfather’s bright yellow VW Bug with a wheelchair strapped on top going down the interstate.

Project 6 - Tap - Episodic TV Series

“Tap”, as he was known to his boyhood friends and lifelong associates was an avid outdoor educator. He helped found Outward Bound and National Outdoor Education Leadership program. He was a passionate environmental steward and a highly skilled mountain climber and nature survivalist. Tap was also in the famous 42nd Armed Regiment of “Warriors on Skis” in WW II and scaled a 2000 ft cliff face in the middle of winter to surprise the Germans in Italy and attack their rear flank.

Project 7 - I Am Not Your Indian Anymore - Documentary - 

Producer Solar Banner

Story and adventures of Floyd Red Crow Westerman

“Like a Heyoka”, (Lakota for ‘Contrarian’) is the Native American concept of a sacred clown; a satirist, who is always contrary to reality, provoking laughter in the situations of despair, provoking fear and chaos when people feel too secure. His voice gives people hope in times of darkness but challenges them when they take themselves too seriously; he brings both freedom and vulnerability. Heyoka medicine is akin to both the Trickster Way of Coyote and the lightning fast transformation of Thunder Being; he is also a guardian to truth and is compelled to challenge wrongness when he/she encounters it. Floyd Red Crow Westerman was this kind of man. 


Quote: “He was the greatest cultural ambassador that Indian America ever had a real national treasure” - Dennis Banks, Co-Founder AIM

Project 8 - The Injustice Lives Inside You  - Documentary - 

Directed by Angela Townsend

Each year, thousands of Latin American immigrant’s journey thousands of miles to seek a better life in the United States. They do whatever it takes to get here, some swim with infants across treacherous rivers and drown, some ride atop freight trains called “La Bestia” and fall to their deaths, others dash across busy roadways where they are often struck by cars. A large percentage of illegal immigrants are women and young children. Director Angela Townsend tracks the stories of immigrants who seek asylum in this country only to be the victims of predators.            

Project 9 - The Quanah Parker Story - Episodic TV Series

Quanah Parker Television series. Set in the territory of Texas, the Indian chief and spiritual leader, Quanah Parker was known as the Robyn Hood of the west. He had seven wives whose untold story will also be revealed for the first time. He was a masterful strategic genius and was never defeated by U.S. armed forces. Each episode taken from the pages of history will reveal another facet of this complex character.

Project 10 - We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For -Documentary

“We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For “Hopi prophecies speak volumes to our current world in chaos, conflict, and the Covid19 pandemic. We will utilize never seen before interviews with elders who participated in the 1st NATIVE PEOPLES & NATIVE LANDS GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE conference sponsored by then Vice President, AL GORE and will include primo footage from the National Geographic archives.







Project 11 - Healing the Spirit  - Documentary - 

Directed by Fidel Moreno

“Healing the Spirit” is a documentary film that is near completion. Directed by Fidel Moreno, this story deals with suicide, which is one of the most disturbing issues facing the Native American community today. 

Project 12 - W.I.M.N - World Indigenous Music Nations 

Native/Indigenous Music Publishing Company

WIMN company was founded by filmmaker and official woman Sun Dancer, Solar Banner. In association with Two Horses Laughing, this music publishing company has a global reach to all indigenous musical talent. Its goal is to gather the talent of all the indigenous artists and provide them a world-wide voice and protection of their work. 

Future Project Ideas

  1. Finding Grandfather-Spiritual journey of one native teen on horseback visiting ancient sacred grounds

  2. Brother Wind- Documentary on the mustang

  3. Speak to me Grandfather, Speak to me Grandmother-The elder’s

  4. Home is Where the Heart Is-Living in a teepee

  5. Separate but Together Worlds- We are of one soul

  6. The Earth is a Woman-the role of the native woman

  7. Rez is a Funny Place to Be

  8. - making peace with the white man

  9. Spirit Medicine sound Plants

  10. The Stephen Smallsalmon story

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