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Grandfather Sun Granddaughter moon

In Development      Adventure, Action        Feature Film

The Hawaiian Islands were discovered by sea-faring natives and took place many thousands of years ago. On a Polynesian Island at dawn a volcano has erupted, violently spitting out fiery explosive lava all over a local village. Everything is thrown into havoc as people scurry and fire is everywhere. There’s fear in their faces as they gather as much as they can and head to their outriggers. A young girl named Kalea of about 12 is guiding her blind grandfather close behind her mother who is carrying a baby. The father is in a boat ready to receive his family.


This is a story of the young girl, Kalea, and her blind grandfather who are thrown together on an outrigger.  They get separated from the rest of the villagers and head for open water on their own. It is a story of adventure, struggle, and faith in a miraculous ocean voyage that defies all odds as an old blind man guides his granddaughter to the beaches of Hawaii.

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