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Angela Townsend

Vice President of Distribution and Marketing

Angela Townsend Without Stars.jpg

Angela J. Townsend is skilled in film distribution and is a marketing expert. Angela is also an executive producer, a filmmaker, and a traditionally published, award-winning author and  screenwriter. Angela is a member of the Author's Guild in NYC and a Screencraft finalist. She is represented by the former Vice President of Paramount pictures, M. Kenneth Suddleson. She has a motion picture, the Forlorned® based on one of her books, and others coming soon. 

Angela's significant other hails from a remote, impoverished village in Central America. She is currently learning the Yucatec Maya language or Maya as it is called to Native speakers in the Yucatan Peninsula. Angela's devotion to her fiancee led her to a deep interest and love for indigenous people and the preservation of their culture, heritage, and art forms.

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