Mission Statement

Native and Indigenous wisdom is what the world needs. Through our many projects we will show a highly sophisticated community founded on love of family,  love of mother earth, and strength to survive.

Feature Films

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TV Episodic Series

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Now in pre-production

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Theatrical Play

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What we are about

Two Horses Laughing...

is a new film production/distribution company that intends to make the world a better place. Headed by Sanford Horowitz, a Hollywood professional in film production and distribution, and Fidel Moreno, an award-winning documentarian. "We are well seasoned filmmakers and know how to make professional films with an eye for financial success. Professional distribution is key. Together we will produce in house and acquire outside productions." - Sanford Horowitz


Native and Indigenous wisdom has been attacked because it challenges all the things that are wrong about this world. The truth through our many projects will show a highly sophisticated community founded on love of family and love of mother earth as its common theme. 


We believe it is time for their wisdom to be revealed in a global way through documentaries and feature films. Two Horses Laughing is dedicated to set the record straight. Society has recently shown a new level of consciousness that is now ready to hear the account of the Native and indigenous people.  Their stories and hidden spiritual wisdom will capture peoples’ hearts. We have compiled uplifting stories and inspiring documentaries that finally unveil their true gift to all of humanity, which is their love of family and reverence for nature. The stories are unending. Native and indigenous people are innately happy and are willing to share that  “happiness” is not elusive. It is real and their stories will show the way.


Located in Montana among many tribal communities, Two Horses Laughing will be the center of tribal heartbeat. We will focus on hiring proven professionals with an additional program to train Native interns to become film production professionals in all aspects. 


We appreciate your interest.


Two Horses Laughing Team

Looking for Native Films and Filmmakers

THL is not only a production company but more importantly a distribution company for Native films. We are looking for Native filmmakers with completed or partially completed projects to represent for distribution. Please fill out the contact information below. Be sure to include your name, phone number or email, and a brief summary of your project. More importantly a 5-10 min clip.




Sanford Horowitz